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Kitchen Layouts

Posted on Fri 19th October, 2018

Follow our simple kitchen design ideas to help transform your existing kitchen, or create a dream kitchen that's both beautiful and practical, without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas that will enable you to have a great kitchen no matter what shape your space is. L-shaped kitchens: These run along two walls directly next to each other. They can be a good option for an open-plan space. U-shaped kitchens: Cover three walls. They can be a good way to…
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Our favorite Lamb Curry Recipe

Posted on Thu 11th October, 2018

We all love a good curry here at Premier so we thought we would share with one of our customers fabulous Lamb curries. It's a little time consuming but this is far better that anything you will ever get at any take away. Give it a try. And if you have any recipe favorites you would like us to feature please email us them and we will get them on our blog here. Preferably with a photo! Ingredients: 1 Leg…
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25 kitchen tips and tricks that will change your life

Posted on Tue 2nd October, 2018

There are some things in life that, had you only known them before, could have saved you a whole bunch of mission and effort. Wetting the tip of the thread before you poke it through the eye of a needle is one of those. Rolling the batteries on the remote to give you more lifespan might be another. When it comes to the kitchen, we’ve rounded up our 25 tips that will save you much fuss and bother. To the…
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Bright ideas for kitchen lighting

Posted on Mon 20th August, 2018

The primary function of a kitchen may still be cooking, but it increasingly serves as one of the main entertaining spaces in the home. The right lighting can introduce several levels of brightness, make small kitchens feel larger and dramatically alter your room's mood and feel. It's important to invest in a scheme that provides good task lighting, as well as creating the ideal ambience. Kitchen lighting can sometimes be the last consideration when it comes to designing your space,…
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Cooking with gas

Posted on Mon 20th August, 2018

Tips, cooking, new ideas and stories to help you get the most out of your kitchen
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