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Kitchen Layouts

Follow our simple kitchen design ideas to help transform your existing kitchen, or create a dream kitchen that’s both beautiful and practical, without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas that will enable you to have a great kitchen no matter what shape your space is.

L-shaped kitchens:
These run along two walls directly next to each other. They can be a good option for an open-plan space.

U-shaped kitchens:
Cover three walls. They can be a good way to get a high number of units in a small space.

G-shaped kitchens:
Offer a lot of storage options and work space. They can also be very practical as everything is in easy reach.

One wall:
Kitchens running along one wall can be a good way to create an open-plan space, especially if there isn’t room for a separate kitchen.

A kitchen island can house extra storage, be another work surface and a breakfast bar.

Galley kitchens are usually long and thin with units running along two opposite walls.

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